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I'm Cali aka C.E. Hoffman, an author, empath, and certified Reiki practitioner.

I received my Reiki Level I from Heart of the Tree Reiki in Halifax, NS, and received my Reiki Level II from Pathways Healing in Guelph, ON. My Animal Reiki certification was completed at Purr Healing in Southern Ontario. 

I am certified to practice distance healings, and offer sessions via Zoom as well as in-person in Edmonton, AB. 

I have 8+ years experience with intuitive Tarot readings and am currently in the process of getting my Tarot reading certification. 

As a Sun Cancer, empath and intuitive, I channel moon energy to enhance my Tarot and Reiki offerings. 


Take the first step on your healing journey and book today!

Booking online is under maintenance; for now, please email me at to book!

I am available for bookings Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons (2-4) and all day Saturdays and Sundays (11-7), as well as for the Full Moon and New Moon each month. 

Email if you have any questions or want to request a booking date! 

Senior's discounts available!

I also provide very affordable Reiki-charged decluttering services! Find out more here.

Your journey starts now.


Find FREE sample Reiki treatments on my Youtube channel.

"Love is what heals us."

Amanda Yates Garcia

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