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Cleanse your space, 
Cleanse your 

Reiki-Charged, Intuitive Decluttering for Inner and Outer Peace

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It's time for your Clutter Cleanse!

I'm Cali aka C.E. Hoffman, an author, empath, and certified Reiki practitioner. 


I offer an energetically-enhanced decluttering experience, combining my natural downsizing abilities with an intuitive, heart-centred approach grounded in my Reiki certifications.

I can work with a space as large as a garage/basement, or as small as a single drawer! Each decluttering experience is tailored to the individual's budget and needs. 

The Clutter Cleanse includes: 

-a brief assessment of the area(s) in need of love

-a brief chat with you about your expectations/potential hang-ups about decluttering 

-chord-cutting meditation to release attachment to the clutter

-energetic clearing of the space

-full decluttering of area into three piles: keep, maybe, and pass on. Our goal will always be to keep or let go with LOVE! (The actual decluttering process may vary depending on each client’s comfort and needs.)  

-removal of all released items from the space 

-energetic blessing of the newly cleansed space

-grounding chat 

Investment: only $25/hour! 


Anyone who invests in a decluttering experience can book one Reiki session for 20% off! 


Booking online is currently under maintenance; for now, please email me at to set up an appointment! I am booking all day Saturdays and Sundays.



(Please note: you will always have final say about what to do with any items.) 

(Please also note: I have no liability if you change your mind about an item or if there’s a miscommunication concerning an item.)


"Cali's an expert declutterer! The chord-cutting meditation was super helpful."

Jared LaCroix

"Cali held space and gave me time to make decisions- especially with paperwork. I would recommend them to anyone!"

Rose Merke

"Cali did such an amazing job. You don't need to move to find new surroundings, you just need Cali to help clear out the old so there is space for your future!"

Yasir Syed

Reimagine, Reduce, Recharge

Reclaim your space today!

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